Choosing The Right Wedding Suit

Choosing a Jeffrey Scott Custom Wedding Suit

By: Jeffrey Scott (Founder, Jeffrey Scott LLC)

For better or worse, the days of an entire wedding revolving solely around the Bride have come and gone. This is (perhaps) due to men placing a greater awareness on the way they look or a greater ability to explore their own unique style.  In any event, it's quite clear that days of wasting money on a rental tuxedo are behind us.  In fact, there has been a distinct shift in the requests we receive for weddings as most men are electing for a suit/vest option over the traditional tuxedo. However, we think that this is a great trend - since it offers the Groom a garment that they can use for a variety of other functions. 

To that end, for the last decade, men throughout the US and abroad have been utilizing our services to enhance their wedding day.  At its core, a Jeffrey Scott Suit differs from an off-the-rack option in a number of ways.  Notably,

(1) Ensures a perfect fit:  Through our extensive use technology and quality assurance - every facet of production (from initial measurements to delivery) guarantees that our suits are the epitome of style and function.

(2) Embrace your style: What makes Jeffrey Scott truly unique is our team of designers (who will personally work with you each step of the way) and the sheer number of design options we offer.  If you can think of a way to personalize your suit (or tuxedo) - we probably offer that option.

In fact, we even have the capacity to offer a truly bespoke suit service - where a garment is crafted entirely by hand by expert craftsmen with over 50 years of experience. Each garment is fit in layers to ensure an unparalleled level of perfection.

(3) Fabrics & Materials: Fabrics from the worlds best mills are all readily available - from Reda to Zegna - we've of you covered.  

Additionally, we pride ourselves in constructing garments which utilize the highest level of craftsmanship. That's why you'll NEVER see a fused canvas option or imitation buttonholes in a Jeffrey Scott Suit. We truly believe that the art of traditional tailoring is dramatically enhanced by only using materials and methods which have stood the test of time.

(4) Time & Cost: Unlike rentals or suits that you can buy off the rack - a Jeffrey Scott Suit is hand crafted entirely for you.  As such, you'll always have a tailor on call - who can offer advice and suggestions so you don't have to spend the time searching through stores to find the "right" suit for your special day.  Rather, your designer & tailor will craft your garment from scratch which you can wear for years to come.

Ultimately, whatever option you decide for your wedding - know that everyone at Jeffrey Scott is here to help in any way we can & that we pride ourselves on a job well done.